Receive with a pencil. Create with a keyboard.

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Receive information with a pencil. Create Information with a keyboard. It turns out that taking handwritten notes can help us to consolidate information clearly and, as a result, we are able to remember more of the information recorded than if we had typed our notes. This may not apply to artists but for students attending lectures this advice could mean the difference between average and excellent grades! Here's a great talk about these findings... How do you like to take notes? Leave a comment below with your own techniques or tips.

15+ Linking Words to Improve Your Writing

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Make sure you use a variety of linking words to make your writing interesting and engaging. Here are some useful words for listing: first, second, third firstly, secondly first, furthermore, moreover, finally In addition, additionally, to add to this to begin, to conclude, next Scroll down to sign up to our mailing list to receive the linking words cheat sheet which you can use to help you when you write your next essay!

Cut the Crap

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Stop waffling and get to the point! The longer a sentence, the less likely it is that it will be understood. This is the sage advice echoed by the British Government and based on research initially published by the American Press Institute. 

Warning! Do you settle for good not great?

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It's very easy to settle for 'that'll do' and to be honest that is how a lot of us approach assignments or exams. However, if you want to achieve a higher level of success in University you need to start asking yourself 'How can I make this even better?'. After slaving for weeks, months or even years on a course or project it is often tempting to draw a line in the sand and submit a completed piece of work that is good but not great. Why not set yourself an early deadline? You could make it a few weeks

Next Level Grammar

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Academic writing is often challenging for new and old students to get to grips with. Here are some useful sites to help you improve your grammar and raise your grades. A well-established platform that offers a free app to help you with your grammar. You can also install browser extensions (Chrome or Safari) so a quick proofread is only a click away. 2. Grammar Girl: She's made a name for herself as someone who has brought a little bit of fun into what many consider to be a boring topic. Grammar is essential for raising your written standards and getting