Step Away from the Keyboard

You don’t need to sit at a desk and write your way through university. These days there are many other methods for capturing your thoughts and organising them into written texts.

Google Voice Type Your Ideas in Minutes

You can speak ideas into your phone and use Google Docs which offers Voice typing… (see below). It’s not always accurate but can be a great method to use if you want to get short ideas or notes down without typing.


Google Voice typing


Rev Up Your Writing and Write 6000+ Words in an Hour

Use a professional transcription service and write thousands of words in under an hour. If you were to go up to 1 hour you would still only be paying $60 for someone to type it up. Think about it, you could be walking through the park in the morning and getting your next essay done at the same time. Admittedly it may not be for everyone due to the potential cost but if you can save hours of slaving in front of a computer screen.

The average English speaker speaks at a rate of roughly 130 words per minute. This means that within 10 minutes you could write more than 1000 words and in 60 minutes you could hit 6000 words plus. Not bad for one hour of ‘typing’. By using this method you may free up some time for a part time job to keep the money coming in.

Here are the services currently offered by Services

Swype Type

Many people probably already use this and may argue that it is another form of typing but it does mean you can record text quickly and once you get used to it it does seem to enable quick typing in a more fluid manner than hammering away at a keyboard. Give it go, most Android phones have this feature. Check out this How To Guide for more info.


Leave a comment below if you have your own techniques or know of some useful apps  for hitting your word count away from a keyboard.

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