Learn Self Control to Stop FOMO

Learn Self Control to Stop FOMO

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There’s so much going on in university that it can be hard to focus on why you are actually there. Social events, parties, sports clubs, and relationships are just some of the things fighting for your attention. So much so, that it is easy to forget why you are in university. When you miss that huge party everyone has been talking about, or can’t play your next football match because you have exams coming up, it can be really hard. This is where self control comes in.

Self control is an important skill to develop in university and in life. It can enable you to postpone immediate rewards for longer term gains. To add to this, it is believed to be a common trait shared by many successful people.

Here’s a video on Khan Academy all about self control and the famous marshmallow test.

What’s your marshmallow and how do you stop yourself from eating it? Leave a comment below.

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