Is it Time for a Digital Detox?

Technology can help us in so many ways but there is a fine line between help and hindrance in this always on modern age. Just checking your phone for an email can send you down the rabbit hole, browsing Instagram lunches or your friend’s Facebook rants.

Why not try a digital detox?

You don’t have to go away for weekend out in the country you could simply turn your phone off or put it on Flight Mode rewarding yourself after the successful completion of planned tasks. If you really must be contactable you could opt to put the SIM card in a dumb phone and put it on silent, at least then you won’t be distracted by nagging apps.

After a few hours, or days, without your smart phone you may find that you really don’t miss it all that much, you may also notice how many times you reach for it when bored or in between tasks. Smart phone addiction is a real thing and is seriously affecting our ability to carry out deep work. Take this example given in the TED talk below, if you were to check your phone for just ten minutes every day that would still amount to 60 hours over the year. What else could you do with that time? Go on holiday? Take up a new hobby or sport?

Effects of a digital detox

According to this article at Fast Company magazine a digital detox can benefit you in a number of, perhaps, unexpected ways:

  • Improve your posture and your friendships
  • Have better conversations without Googling
  • Improve your memory
  • More-efficient sleep
  • New perspectives

Do you have any tricks for minimising distractions? Leave a comment below.

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