How to Study for Free

The thought of studying at university is usually followed by the question of finances and funding. Fear not, there are many free alternatives out there. We suspect this will be a growing trend as universities use technology to further their reach and empower individuals all over the world to succeed academically.

You can study for free at many universities across Europe thanks to free-tuition policies. Finland, Norway and Germany top the list of countries that provide excellent opportunities for students and a first class standard of living. Click here to search for free courses in these countries. You can play around with the price setting and filter out specific countries to narrow down your search or to find out what you can get if you have some money to put towards your course.

Google’s own offers a range of free courses and nanodegrees. Whilst you can study the individual courses for free some of the complete nanodegrees come with price tags. However, when you consider the quality of tuition and guidance available it would certainly be a worthwhile investment.

Also, check out this informative blog post at which lists the top five European cities where you can do a free Master’s Degree.

And for a slightly different approach you could seek employment in a university that you would like to study in and try to identify what educational opportunities there are for staff members. Quite often it is in a universities best interest to promote lifelong learning and many institutions will offer free degrees to staff members. Check out this article over at on how to get a free Ivy League degree.

Leave a comment below if you have studied for free or know of other great places to study without spending a penny.

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