How to Smash Your Day

How to Smash Your Day

How to Smash Your Day Photo: Thibault fr

It may sound a bit strange but that snooze button could be doing more than prolonging your sleep. It may also be affecting how well you control in other aspects of your life.

Think about it, if you defy yourself to get up then you could just as easily defy yourself to go for a run or eat healthily. On a day to day basis this may not seem like a big deal but if this happens repeatedly these small fails will add up. If you want to win your day, week or month then you need to win your morning and that means jumping out of bed when the buzzer goes. No one likes it but there are a few things you can do to make it a little bit easier. 

  1. Place your alarm across the room, preferably near the door.
  2. Jump out of bed and switch it off. This movement will help get your blood flowing.
  3. Walk straight to the bathroom and switch the lights on. Your eyes will respond to the light.
  4. Splash your face with cold water. This can trigger what is known as the mammalian reflex.
  5. Drink a few sips of water. This will kick start your metabolism and rehydrate you.
  6. Try the breath of fire. This should help you clean out your airways.
  7. Meditate, stretch or do yoga. This’ll balance you out before the day has begun.
  8. You could also do a wake up workout. Alternatively, you could cycle or run to uni.
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