How to Make Yourself Employable

It’s very easy to get caught up in Uni life and to forget that university is really only a stepping stone to your next life phase. That tricky part of your life which involves getting a J-O-B. The sooner you start thinking of skills to gain before you leave university the more likely you will be able to put yourself in a solid position for finding work you love. In this rapidly changing world we live in it is also worth considering the possibility of becoming your own boss and setting up your dream business. If you can’t find a job, make one!

Whatever path you choose there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for your future:

Try to find aspects of your course that spark a deep curiousity. Follow your curiousity then gather and organise your research in a way that can be easily accessed later if you need to return to it. There are many different apps available to do this. Evernote is one such app that works across devices and is particularly suited to research and the organisation of notes, whether found online or scribbled down on sticky notes. Of course, you could just use a cloud account with Google, Microsoft or Dropbox and save documents as you go along.

Choose a research project that is inline with a possible future career. For example, if you are studying Human Resource Management choose to research a local company’s Human Resource department and make contact with them directly to undertake research. Who knows they may offer you work before you’ve even finished?

Start a blog, social media following or business. Depending on your circumstances, interests and future goals you could begin to generate content or products using the knowledge you are learning in university. This may also help you in gathering research for your own university research. It takes two minutes to create a social media account and not much longer to set up a website or blog. A business is going to take a bit longer but if you have struck upon an idea during your studies that is too good not to pursue then you really should give your best shot! Many universities and colleges provide business support for entrepreneurs and start up businesses and may also be able to help you with a physical work space. There are also some great books out there that can help you to identify potential business ideas. Here are a few suggestions: $100 Start Up, Will It Fly, and 4 Hour Work Week. All can be obtained in book format or as an audiobook if you need to take a break from the screen.

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