Get Ahead

Struggling Student

Struggling Student

Uni is a time for reinvention and a time of new horizons and exciting experiences. It is also a time for you to get ahead.

It can be easy to go wild in the first year of uni, and many have extended it to three years or more. However, if you make smart moves early on you can have a good time with friends and still smash your way to good result at the end.

If you have moved away to uni then it is a good idea to choose your social circles wisely. If people around you bring you down or encourage you to get drunk every night when you have pressing deadlines then get out of that friendship. Keep your distance, connect with those in your lectures who are clearly there to do just one thing, smash it!

Many people return to uni for lots of different reasons and it can be very difficult for mature students to find the time to study and look after a family or work a job. If you are young and straight out of school remember that you have a distinct advantage over many people at university. You have time on your side, don’t waste it. There is nothing more stupid than someone leaving uni after three years of binge drinking with nothing but a massive hangover and even bigger student debt. Don’t be that student. Get ahead.


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