Plan for Life Don’t Let Life Plan for You

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  Photo: Clker-Free-Vector-Images | Pixabay | CC0 “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon Many an opportunity has been missed because people were too busy with their head down just trying to get through their day, week, month or year. All of sudden they have ended up on a different course to the one they imagined they would follow a few years before. How did that happen they might wonder? 

Learn Self Control to Stop FOMO

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Photo: pixel1 | Pixabay | CC0 There’s so much going on in university that it can be hard to focus on why you are actually there. Social events, parties, sports clubs, and relationships are just some of the things fighting for your attention. So much so, that it is easy to forget why you are in university. When you miss that huge party everyone has been talking about, or can’t play your next football match because you have exams coming up, it can be really hard. This is where self control comes in.

Do It Now!

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If it will take two minutes, do it now! Those notes that have been lying around for weeks, file them away. Or what about that library book you need to renew? Log in and renew it now! It can be very easy to let the small things build up until they become big things. The more time you waste thinking about those nagging chores the less time you will have to focus on the important stuff. Get it done and get it done now!

Stay Calm Stay Focused

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There are times when you may feel completely swamped with work, social pressures, or extra curricular responsibilities. And at these times it can feel like there is no other mode of operation but to stay busy. You're always on the go, never stopping to enjoy yourself. It's at times like this more so than any other that you need to step outside of the busy bubble. Here's a great video from the makers of Headspace, an app that can help you to relax and take your mind off whatever it is that is currently bothering you.

Step Away from the Keyboard

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You don’t need to sit at a desk and write your way through university. These days there are many other methods for capturing your thoughts and organising them into written texts. Google Voice Type Your Ideas in Minutes You can speak ideas into your phone and use Google Docs which offers Voice typing... (see below). It's not always accurate but can be a great method to use if you want to get short ideas or notes down without typing.     Rev Up Your Writing and Write 6000+ Words in an Hour Use a professional transcription service and write

Change Your Brain Forever and Switch to a Growth Mindset!

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Photo: OpenClipart-Vectors | Pixabay | CC0 Your brain is like a muscle and muscles need exercise. Don't give up on the next challenge because you feel like it is way over your head. Keep pushing and learning and go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Here's a simple video describing the growth mindset for kids but we can all learn from the content.  

Get Slack…the Messenger App

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Group Chat with Slack Slack is a fantastic messenger tool which is used by many large organisations to allow people to communicate through specific channels. You can create a group in seconds and channels for all sorts of different uses. For example, you could have one channel for your Intro to Chemical Engineering module, and another channel for your flatmates to chat about what chores need doing (yawn). Click here to Get the Slack Messenger App