Be Useful

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If you are struggling with motivation just remember that your hard work will pay off one day and with your finely honed skills you will be able to help make the world a better place. But don’t wait until you finish. Use your skills today.

The College Drop Out Fallacy

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  For every college dropout success story that the media put about there will be thousands of drop outs that deeply regret their decision. Don’t forget that Mark Zuckerberg only dropped out of one of the most prestigious colleges in the US only after he had established Facebook as a potential business. Steve Jobs dropped in to other lectures that interested him. He loved learning! One of the lectures he stumbled upon was on caligraphy, years later these lectures inspired him to create a personal computer with beautiful fonts. Apple computers are now synonymous class and style, and thoughtful

Think for Yourself

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As a rather famous scientist once said “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” Einstein is known for his scientific knowledge and the work he did for physics in the 20th century but his words of wisdom ring true for people from all backgrounds and interests. It’s easy to cram for a test and know how to fill in all the answers but can you think for yourself? Can you explain the topic to another person? Find someone and try to teach them. Who knows what else you will learn?  


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Pinspiration A great tool for gather ideas for uni study skills, or anything else for that matter, is to set up a Pinterest account and some pin boards to organise your findings. In a very short space of time you will have built up a huge catalogue of useful ideas, inspiration and maybe even a few quick recipes. Just what you need when deadlines are looming and time is scarce! Check out our Pinterest page @ Happy Pinning!