5 Websites to Help You Earn And Learn

There are many jobs, or gigs, you can do to help you make a little bit of money on the side whilst you study. Choose the right jobs and they may help you improve your skills for your course too.

Become a freelancer. You could produce graphic design for an american golf company or offer cleaning services in your local neighbourhood.

Here are some great websites for offering your services, or paying for the services of others:

  1. www.guru.com
  2. www.upwork.com
  3. www.peopleperhour.com
  4. www.taskrabbit.co.uk (only operates in some parts of the UK)
  5. www.etsy.com

Who knows, you could build up a nice little business before you even leave university.

Leave a comment below if you have used other websites or set up your own side projects to help you get through university.


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