How to Make Yourself Employable

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It's very easy to get caught up in Uni life and to forget that university is really only a stepping stone to your next life phase. That tricky part of your life which involves getting a J-O-B. The sooner you start thinking of skills to gain before you leave university the more likely you will be able to put yourself in a solid position for finding work you love. In this rapidly changing world we live in it is also worth considering the possibility of becoming your own boss and setting up your dream business. If you can't find

Plan for Life Don’t Let Life Plan for You

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  Photo: Clker-Free-Vector-Images | Pixabay | CC0 “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon Many an opportunity has been missed because people were too busy with their head down just trying to get through their day, week, month or year. All of sudden they have ended up on a different course to the one they imagined they would follow a few years before. How did that happen they might wonder? 

Learn Self Control to Stop FOMO

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Photo: pixel1 | Pixabay | CC0 There’s so much going on in university that it can be hard to focus on why you are actually there. Social events, parties, sports clubs, and relationships are just some of the things fighting for your attention. So much so, that it is easy to forget why you are in university. When you miss that huge party everyone has been talking about, or can’t play your next football match because you have exams coming up, it can be really hard. This is where self control comes in.

Do It Now!

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If it will take two minutes, do it now! Those notes that have been lying around for weeks, file them away. Or what about that library book you need to renew? Log in and renew it now! It can be very easy to let the small things build up until they become big things. The more time you waste thinking about those nagging chores the less time you will have to focus on the important stuff. Get it done and get it done now!

How to Study for Free

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The thought of studying at university is usually followed by the question of finances and funding. Fear not, there are many free alternatives out there. We suspect this will be a growing trend as universities use technology to further their reach and empower individuals all over the world to succeed academically.

Show the World Your Work

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Ever felt like all that work you did last year has just been put in a folder somewhere and forgotten about? A great way to keep track of your academic, personal and professional progress is to create an online portfolio. Not only does it help you to show the world where you are on your journey but it should help you to remember past experiences in years to come. Below are four different platforms you can use for free. Be aware that some do charge for more services or data storage. Check out some example student portfolios created using Bulb

Be Useful

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If you are struggling with motivation just remember that your hard work will pay off one day and with your finely honed skills you will be able to help make the world a better place. But don’t wait until you finish. Use your skills today.

Stay Calm Stay Focused

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There are times when you may feel completely swamped with work, social pressures, or extra curricular responsibilities. And at these times it can feel like there is no other mode of operation but to stay busy. You're always on the go, never stopping to enjoy yourself. It's at times like this more so than any other that you need to step outside of the busy bubble. Here's a great video from the makers of Headspace, an app that can help you to relax and take your mind off whatever it is that is currently bothering you.

Unwind Your Mind with Music

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If you’ve had a long day and need to switch your brain off you could try this ambient music from a British band by the name of Marconi Union. The track, which was created as part of a scientific study, has been found to reduce anxiety by up to 65% according to the Mindlab institution.

The Speed Reading Tool Used by Millions

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Many of us enjoy sitting down to read a good book but sometimes we simply need to get to the heart of what is being said. This is particularly true for students who often have little time to work through their reading list. Not only are there many different speed reading techniques that can be used to get through texts at a much faster rate but nowadays there are plenty of tech tools that can be used to approach that dreaded pile of books in a different way. Spritz is one such tool. By displaying one word at a

Zen and the Art of Uni Success

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"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." There are different views as to what this means, and it is, like many other zen sayings, subject to interpretation. Whatever the true meaning, from a university student's perspective it could be safe to say that it is really about hard work and persistent effort. Whatever you are working on, keep working. Don't expect an essay to write itself or willing survey participants to appear from nowhere and offer their time to help you gather data. Keep striving to complete the small tasks and academic enlightenment may

We are what we repeatedly do…

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Will Durant “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Will Durant This also means that if you repeatedly do something that is not good for you it may eventually become a bad habit. Watch yourself! If you are always doing something that is not helping you progress or causing you unnecessary stress then you need to change course. Here are some tips for breaking free from old habits: - Focus on just one habit at

Receive with a pencil. Create with a keyboard.

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Receive information with a pencil. Create Information with a keyboard. It turns out that taking handwritten notes can help us to consolidate information clearly and, as a result, we are able to remember more of the information recorded than if we had typed our notes. This may not apply to artists but for students attending lectures this advice could mean the difference between average and excellent grades! Here's a great talk about these findings... How do you like to take notes? Leave a comment below with your own techniques or tips.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day By quickly asking yourself these five questions every day you can become a more reflective learner and a better person too! It has been proven that gratitude can improve your own sense of well being and have a profound impact on your outlook. Try these questions every day for a week and see how you feel. Leave a comment below if you have any other useful practices that help you get through your day and your studies.

Get Smart Get a Dumb Phone

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There's been a bit of fuss around the re-release of the Nokia 3310, a classic phone with very little to offer aside from calls, texts, and the classic game snake! Here at Uni Study Skills we've been using old mobile phones for a while, simply because, as much as we marvel at the amazing power of technology to impact every part of our lives, we get fed up of being constantly distracted. You know what it's like, you quickly check the time on your phone only to be completely sidetracked by your latest Instagram notifications or a Facebook message you

Step Away from the Keyboard

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You don’t need to sit at a desk and write your way through university. These days there are many other methods for capturing your thoughts and organising them into written texts. Google Voice Type Your Ideas in Minutes You can speak ideas into your phone and use Google Docs which offers Voice typing... (see below). It's not always accurate but can be a great method to use if you want to get short ideas or notes down without typing.     Rev Up Your Writing and Write 6000+ Words in an Hour Use a professional transcription service and write

Type Fast, Have Fun

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Technology is changing so fast you may not need to type using a keyboard for much longer. However, if you are using a keyboard to type away your uni assignments you might aswell use to the best of your ability. Touch typing could save you hours of slaving away at the keyboard. It doesn’t have to be another chore though. There’s an abundance of games out there that you can use to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Head over to and check out their typing games to help you get up to speed without boring yourself

How to Get Started

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Get Started CC 3.0 If you're struggling for inspiration for your dissertation or a research project you could try these questions to spark your imagination: Use the following searches to get you started... ...the future of ___________ (insert subject here) ...amazing  ___________ (insert subject here) ...mysteries of___________ (insert subject here) ...secrets of___________ (insert subject here) ...successful___________ (insert subject here) projects Leave a comment below if you have useful tips for getting inspired!

Can You Handle Your Data?

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It may sound like a bizarre question but it is one that you should ask yourself if you want to succeed at Uni. You may need to gather and handle data for a number of different reasons and there are two fantastic tools available to do this detailed below.

The College Drop Out Fallacy

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  For every college dropout success story that the media put about there will be thousands of drop outs that deeply regret their decision. Don’t forget that Mark Zuckerberg only dropped out of one of the most prestigious colleges in the US only after he had established Facebook as a potential business. Steve Jobs dropped in to other lectures that interested him. He loved learning! One of the lectures he stumbled upon was on caligraphy, years later these lectures inspired him to create a personal computer with beautiful fonts. Apple computers are now synonymous class and style, and thoughtful

Use this Trick to Write Awesome Essays

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P - Point Whilst mobile phones have many uses at home and in work some believe that they can negatively affect many aspects of peoples' daily lives. EXP - Explain It is not possible for people to carry out focussed work or engage with family members if they are always distracted by their phone. EG - Example Social media use has increased dramatically in the last few years and as a result many people have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a result they often find themselves distracted by the numerous alerts notifications that arrive every day.    

Gratitude is the Best Attitude

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CC 0 John Hain It’s easy to get overwhelmed by life at university, the social demands, ever looming deadlines, looking after yourself. One very simple trick to help make your day a positive one is to practice an attitude of gratitude. It sounds corny but by just focusing on all the good things you have going on in your life on any given day you can drastically improve your state of mind. Look around you at all your friends you get to spend so many good times with, relish in a beautiful sunset from your window or be

Think for Yourself

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As a rather famous scientist once said “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” Einstein is known for his scientific knowledge and the work he did for physics in the 20th century but his words of wisdom ring true for people from all backgrounds and interests. It’s easy to cram for a test and know how to fill in all the answers but can you think for yourself? Can you explain the topic to another person? Find someone and try to teach them. Who knows what else you will learn?  

The more that you read, the more things you will know.

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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. As simple as it sounds it really is one of the best things you can do with your time if you want to excel academically. Here are some great books to help you study to your fullest potential. It may also help you personally, that is if you read the right books, here are some we recommend...  

Change Your Brain Forever and Switch to a Growth Mindset!

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Photo: OpenClipart-Vectors | Pixabay | CC0 Your brain is like a muscle and muscles need exercise. Don't give up on the next challenge because you feel like it is way over your head. Keep pushing and learning and go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Here's a simple video describing the growth mindset for kids but we can all learn from the content.  

Get Ahead

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Struggling Student Uni is a time for reinvention and a time of new horizons and exciting experiences. It is also a time for you to get ahead.

15+ Linking Words to Improve Your Writing

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Make sure you use a variety of linking words to make your writing interesting and engaging. Here are some useful words for listing: first, second, third firstly, secondly first, furthermore, moreover, finally In addition, additionally, to add to this to begin, to conclude, next Scroll down to sign up to our mailing list to receive the linking words cheat sheet which you can use to help you when you write your next essay!

Stop Working So Hard!

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It may not always be worth slaving away on a project just because all of your classmates are. Take a step back from things, go for a walk, play your favourite computer game and give yourself a much needed mental break. Who knows, your next breakthrough may pop up from nowhere and save you days and days of aimless work.  

Get Slack…the Messenger App

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Group Chat with Slack Slack is a fantastic messenger tool which is used by many large organisations to allow people to communicate through specific channels. You can create a group in seconds and channels for all sorts of different uses. For example, you could have one channel for your Intro to Chemical Engineering module, and another channel for your flatmates to chat about what chores need doing (yawn). Click here to Get the Slack Messenger App


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Pinspiration A great tool for gather ideas for uni study skills, or anything else for that matter, is to set up a Pinterest account and some pin boards to organise your findings. In a very short space of time you will have built up a huge catalogue of useful ideas, inspiration and maybe even a few quick recipes. Just what you need when deadlines are looming and time is scarce! Check out our Pinterest page @ Happy Pinning!

Never Break the Chain

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A simple technique to ensure you are continually productive is to keep a record of your progress using the chain method. Simply cross off your progress every day on your calendar and never break the chain. If for whatever reason you think you will miss a day try to double up the day before or after.

Cut the Crap

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Stop waffling and get to the point! The longer a sentence, the less likely it is that it will be understood. This is the sage advice echoed by the British Government and based on research initially published by the American Press Institute. 

How to Find Flow

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Choose a subject area that fascinates you. Challenge yourself but don’t get overwhelmed. Find the time of day when your most focussed. Eliminate distractions. … Practise focusing on one task for extended periods of time. Enjoy the process. Keep practicing.

The Ultimate Strategy for Making a Good Decision

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Are you trying to decide on which assignment topic to follow or what to research for your dissertation? Does a pros and cons list often not work and leave you even more confused? If this is a problem you are commonly dealing with then the weighted average decision matrix could be just what you’re looking for!

Warning! Do you settle for good not great?

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It's very easy to settle for 'that'll do' and to be honest that is how a lot of us approach assignments or exams. However, if you want to achieve a higher level of success in University you need to start asking yourself 'How can I make this even better?'. After slaving for weeks, months or even years on a course or project it is often tempting to draw a line in the sand and submit a completed piece of work that is good but not great. Why not set yourself an early deadline? You could make it a few weeks

Next Level Grammar

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Academic writing is often challenging for new and old students to get to grips with. Here are some useful sites to help you improve your grammar and raise your grades. A well-established platform that offers a free app to help you with your grammar. You can also install browser extensions (Chrome or Safari) so a quick proofread is only a click away. 2. Grammar Girl: She's made a name for herself as someone who has brought a little bit of fun into what many consider to be a boring topic. Grammar is essential for raising your written standards and getting

3 Tools to Improve Focus

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Online Clock Countdown: set your desired time for studying for your session and work towards it. Pause when you take a break. You can also use Google's timer tool. Tomato Timer: using the Pomodoro technique, reminds me to take breaks every 25 mins but also only brief 5 min breaks, with a 10 min break every 4th cycle. My Noise: generates background or white noise so you can block out distractions if you have to study in a busy environment. Works best with noise-reducing earphones but still effective without.